MediLink Therapeutics Announces Latest Business Progress with Nona Biosciences


SUZHOU, CHINA, December 15th , 2023 -- MediLink Therapeutics (“MediLink”), today announced that it has entered into a supplemental agreement to the license agreement with Nona Biosciences (“Nona”, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HBM Holdings) in which Nona is entitled to license the ADC product HBM9033 (YL215) jointly developed by the two parties to a licensed independent third party., Pfizer Inc.. (“Pfizer”). MediLink has the right to receive a certain percentage of sub-licensing payment based on the collaboration between Nona and Pfizer.

About HBM9033 (YL215)

HBM9033 is jointly developed by MediLink and Nona, which specifically targets human mesothelin for solid tumors. HBM9033 employs latest TMALIN® ADC technology from MediLink Therapeutics and human monoclonal antibody (mAb) from Harbour Mice® platform. HBM9033 has demonstrated superior potency and safety in pre-clinical studies. It has received IND clearance from FDA in August, 2023.

About MediLink Therapeutics

MediLink Therapeutics founded in 2020, is a clinical stage biotech company focused on developing globally competitive conjugated drugs. MediLink has built a differentiated proprietary Tumor Microenviroment Activable LINker-payload (TMALIN®) ADC technology platform. It can generate homogeneous ADC, and further improve the therapeutic window in treatment of solid tumors. We focus clinical drug development on unmet medical needs and will continuously expand into new disease areas to serve the global patients.

Our headquarter is located in Suzhou and has established R&D subsidiaries in Shanghai and Boston.

About Nona Biosciences

Nona Biosciences (a wholly-owned subsidiary of HBM Holdings,) is a global biotechnology company committed to providing a total solution from “Idea to IND” (“I to ITM”), ranging from target validation and antibody discovery through preclinical research. The integrated antibody and antibody-related discovery services with multiple modalities range from antigen preparation, animal immunization, single B cell screening, to antibody lead generation and engineering, developability assessment and pharmacological evaluation, leveraging advantages of Harbour Mice® platforms and the experienced therapeutic antibody discovery team.

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