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Traditional ADC drugs still have many shortcomings.

I. Antibodies are required to be absorbed into lysosomes by cells, the selection of antibodies for ADC is limited.

II. Payload needs to be released through multiple links such as tumor cell endocytosis and lysosomal lysis, many of which can cause drug resistance or no effect.

III. When the molecular is large, the tumor enrichment rate is slow, the permeability is low, and the target antigen expression is low, it is difficult to play a good therapeutic effect.


The TMALIN (Tumor_Microenvironment_Activable_LINker) technology platform of Medilink can solve the defects of the existing ADC technology. 

I. Unique enzyme digestion characteristics, with the ability of extracellular lysis in the tumor microenvironment, regardless of whether the antibody has the ability of endocytosis, the formed ADC still has high anti-tumor activity, which greatly broadens the range of antibody selection; 

II. The special structure enables ADC to enrich the tumor microenvironment, increases the ratio of payload in the tumor and blood concentration, and has a higher therapeutic index; 

III. Enzyme digestion characteristics and tumor enrichment characteristics make payload greatly enriched in tumor tissue, producing a strong bystander effect, producing good anti-tumor effect in tumors with low antigen expression or even no antigen expression.


In addition, the ADC formed by TMALIN technology has many advantages.

I. Extremely high systemic circulation stability, which reduces the payload falling off in non-target tissues and the "off-target" toxicity caused by the payload falling off in non-target tissues.

II. Excellent solubility and excellent chemical stability, without the reversible addition reaction caused by the maleimide connection mode in the traditional ADC, and can obtain the ADC with high uniform-degree (DAR=8.0), and realize the fixed-point quantitative coupling.

III. High coupling efficiency (90%) under mild conditions.

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    From murine antibodies to humanized/fully human antibodies

    Antibody effector function (efficacy/safety)

    Bispecific antibodies (double epitope)

    pre-antibody technology

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    TMALIN (Tumor_Microenvironment_Activable_LINker) 

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    Induce DNA damage

    Camptothecin Derivatives: Topoisomerase I Inhibitors