MediLink Therapeutics is studying YL202 in advanced lung and breast cancer patients.


MediLink Therapeutics on a Phase 1, Multicenter, Open-label, First-in-human Study of YL202 in Patients with Locally Advanced or Metastatic Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer

Working as a Clinical Research Coordinator I frequently find myself in the situation of balancing trial demands, patients’ comfort and executing protocol instructions correctly. I make the best of my resources and ask for assistance when needed. Hence, it should go without saying, having a reliable team is of paramount importance! Here is where, in my most recent experience, MediLink Therapeutics excels.


MediLink Therapeutics has placed overly qualified staff who I genuinely have come to consider as part of “My Team”. They are available to answer any question and clarify any doubt with a surprisingly urgent timeliness. Moreover, they foresee possible future difficulties and make clarifications when needed to ensure a clear path is drawn to make my workflow run smoothly. Their respectful, informative, and courteous communications make it extremely comfortable to have an easy conversation and do what is best in the interest of the patients.


The collaboration with MediLink Therapeutics on the YL202 trial has also been seamless for the first patient enrolled at our BRCR Global clinical Site. She has expressed how she “feels like a person again” thanks to the schedule of assessments as provided in the Informed Consent Form (ICF). Furthermore, she does not hold back when conveying her satisfaction on how she has physically reacted to her YL202 infusions, admitting that she “feels significantly better than when she was on chemo” and that, unlike after having a chemo infusion, she can go about her day feeling well and having more energy. Previously she would go back home to rest or deal with nausea and its unpleasant effects. These comments, for me, are the most rewarding part of my job and get me excited to get out of bed each day to come to work. Being able to be an intermediary in a process that enhances another person’s quality of life, makes work purposeful, and rewarding and overall makes me feel good! 


Piece written by: Osvaldo Perez, Clinical Research Coordinator; BRCR Global, US



MediLink Therapeutics is a new concept antibody drug conjugate company and has built a differentiated proprietary Tumor Microenviroment Activable LINker (TMALIN) ADC technology platform. It generates homogeneous DAR8 ADC products with potential to resolve drug resistance issues of current ADC products. Headquartered in Suzhou, China and established R&D centers in Shanghai and Cambridge. MediLink Therapeutics focuses its clinical drug development on unmet medical needs and plans to further expand into new disease areas to serve global patients.


About BRCR Global: From our beginnings in Boca Raton, Florida, USA; BRCR Global was soon recognized for its high rate of recruitment, professional and ethical patient care, and for generating data of the highest standards. Our purpose is to contribute to the search for effective treatments and/or cures for endemic and global diseases.

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