MediLink Therapeutics: Focuses on ADC research and development to promote new prospects for cancer treatment


 On September 23, 2023, oncologists and experts from more than 60 clinical research centers across the country gathered in Guangzhou to participate in the YL201 Phase I/II Investigators Meeting hosted by Suzhou MediLink Therapeutics Co., Ltd. The chair of this meeting was Professor Li Zhang, from the Cancer Center of Sun Yat-sen University, who gathered the wisdom and experience of experts, to discuss the development strategy of the clinical trial protocol in depth, and lay a solid foundation for the efficient drug development of YL201.

Presentation by the Chairperson of the Meeting, Lead Investigator Professor Li Zhang, said that "ADC is currently a highly anticipated field, and the data generated from the early international multi-center clinical trial of YL201 project by MediLink is exciting. There is hope for a breakthrough therapy in the future, and it has provided a solid foundation for the rapid advancement into Phase I/II. Sincere wishes for further progress and breakthroughs in this project, bringing better data and outcomes to the field of cancer treatment".

At the meeting, Professor Hongyun Zhao shared the exciting clinical trial data of the recent successful dose exploration stage.

At the meeting, Professor Hongyun Zhao shared the exciting clinical trial data of the recent successful dose exploration stage.

Sponsor representative, Dr. Tongtong Xue, Chairman and CEO of MediLink Therapeutics, said in his opening remarks that "it is a great honor to invite experts in the field of oncology from all over China to witness the growth and progress of MediLink. As a dynamic young company, through the joint efforts of the team, researchers and collaborators in the past 1.5 years, the YL201 project has been initially confirmed for safety, and the convening of this Investigator's Meeting marks the initial success of the original TAMLIN antibody conjugation technology of MediLink". Dr. Xue also noted that "MediLink has made great strides to help patients and still has a long way to go", underscoring the belief of MediLink to continue to accelerate the pace of development for YL201, and contribute to new cancer treatment solutions to benefit more patients.


About MediLink Therapeutics:

Founded in 2020, MediLink Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC). The company has developed the Tumor Microenvironment Activable LINker-payload (TMALIN®) novel antibody drug conjugates platform technology with independent intellectual property rights, which is believed to not only achieve high DAR value, uniformity stable conjugation, and also further improve the therapeutic window of ADC drugs. The goal of MediLink Therapeutics is to provide more effective treatment options for cancer patients worldwide. The company is headquartered in Suzhou, China, and has set up R&D branches in Shanghai, China, Boston, and the USA.

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